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The Court Shoe


The Court Shoe - was a project completed alongside Lacoste, to re-invent the classic court shoe for SS/AW 2014. This project was completed in collaboration with fashion marketing, helping identified market trends and also explore alternate methods of marketing using modern rapid manufacture techniques. The manufacturing techniques create a unique experience when purchasing a new shoe. Our key focus was utilitarian style and urban performance.



Consumers continuously seek new experiences both when engaging in personal activities but increasingly when shopping. The pop up store experience aimed to be simple and pared-down, reflecting utilitarian styling as well as focusing the consumer’s attention on the footwear.


“Make Your Mark”, was our tag line for the campaign. Using rapid manufacturing techniques we wanted users take control of their own outsole design, enabling users to leave their own distinct mark wherever they may walk.



A number of trends were explored including Industrial Evolution, this focused on simple traditional details, utilitarian style and urban performance, informing our design approach. Combining the original last and silhouette of Lacoste’s classic court shoe and the trend research we developed our final design.


final DESIGN

An un-boxing render produced for the presentation of the project to the Lacoste design and marketing team.



The process I used to produce the final renderings.

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