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New value space

The world is continuously changing; developing countries are increasingly influenced by the western world. Philips sought to identify a new space to move into, away from their lighting and personal care products.

Trend Map


South East Asia was identified as the emerging market that would be researched. The key influences and drivers within this market were identified. Food demand, food waste, urbanisation and aging population, these social and economic challenges identified a number of spaces that Philips could move into.

PNVS - Trends Map 1.jpg
PNVS - Market Road Map 1.jpg



The social and economic areas identified were still broad and needed narrowing down into some clear target areas and the specific audiences.

Key food trends that we identified as having positive market growth to 2050 were organic, entomphagy and supplement/vitamin intake. In addition to food trends we identified overlapping factors in urbanisation, these being air pollution, weight control with the aim to reduce the impact of ageing.

Our target audiences were to be the Elderly, Yong Families and Young Independents.



A number of blue sky product solutions were identified, the nutrition steamer was one of them.


The steamer is a product familiar to many in SEA, this modern twist aimed to be a centre piece in the home. The unit is sealed capturing the aromas of the cooking, when opened in the centre of the table the aromas would be released stimulating the brain releasing endorphins adding to the dining experience. This technique also aimed to create a new market of infused foods that could be used alongside this product.



Combining food waste, entomology and protein diets was the premise for the second product concept. Any spoiling food or unusable off cuts could be placed in the ento feeder, Black Soldier Fly Larvae will then break down the waste and are also a great source of protein.

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