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Hair extension holder

Easibond has been developed to assist professional hair dressers with preparing bonded hair extensions for their clients. This involved understanding the client’s needs and producing data for tooling production using Solidworks.
Renders have been produced using Keyshot.

hair dryer, hair extension holder
Design for Manufacture
Draft analysis

The hair extension holder was designed with a focus on efficient mass production.


I took into account various aspects of the injection molding process, such as wall thickness, draft angles, split lines, and the placement of feed and ejection points.


These design considerations were implemented to ensure that the product would have a high quality finish. 

Esiweft - Draft Analyis.png
3D Print - MJF

Prototype produced using MJF 3D printing similar to other powder bed printing process such as SLS printing.


Printer: HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200

Material: Nylon 12

Properties: High strength and impact resistance.  


This animation aims to promote the new Easibond product, creating a visually engaging looped animation for social media and web engagement.

I produced this animation as a part of my drive to learn new design skills, using Adobe After Effects. 

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